Watch: PAK media manager intervenes after IPL question makes Babar uncomfortable | Cricket

After one month regarding riveting action and many thrillers, it all comes down to the ultimate match of the T20 World Cup 2022 which can be played between Pakistan and England. Both leagues will be aiming to get their second T20 World Cup trophy with Pakistan getting won in 2009 and even England a year after. Ahead with the blockbuster ultimate at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, Pakistan captain Babar Azam required the presser to reply issues pertaining to the team’s preparation for the peak clash, but there has been a certain question which will left him totally uncomfortable and needed the particular Pakistan media manager to intervene.

During the press conference, Babar has been asked the Indian Premier League (IPL) and whether the Pakistan player are contemplating starting the particular league in the future in the bid to help benefit their game.

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“Talk about the benefits of playing the IPL, is that something you feel would have helped you and your team and is that something you have any hope for in the future?,” asked the surgeon.

Babar was left stupefied from the question and instantly took on the Pakistan media manager who else was standing to his / her right. He responded expressing, “We are taking questions on the World Cup final at the moment.”

Pakistan never have been element of the IPL since 2009 season. They merely played in the initial edition of the match before political tension in between the two countries banned them from IPL engaging.

Babar also discussed the particular miraculous turn around within Pakistan’s fate in the particular last few days at the particular T20 World Cup. “I’m more excited than nervous since we’ve performed well in our last three matches. It is no doubt that pressure exists but it can only be suppressed with confidence and belief in ourselves. And for good results it is impertinent that one must do so,” they said.

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