‘Despite losing WC, Indian players will remain superstars. Life will move on’ | Cricket

Another ICC knockout, an additional defeat. The template will not change for Team India. As typically the Men in Blue crashed out of the T20 World Cup following a good 10-wicket hammering as a result of England in the semifinal, side effects continue to pour inside. More compared to loss, the item is the margin and even manner of defeat the fact that pricks more. On a good grand stage like typically the semifinal, the Indian bowling players simply did not arrive as England’s opening couple of Jos Buttler and Alex Hales leaped Rohit Sharma and his group ragged, reaching the 169-run concentrate on in only 16 overs.

Following the magnitude connected with the defeat, there will be questions asked with out guarantee of answers in the near future. There has already also been an outpour of solid reactions during 16 a long time with the likes connected with Shoaib Akhtar, Sunil Gavaskar plus more breaking in. However, most notable, Atul Wassan has made some surprising remarks about the Indian team, taking a chance at their star cricket players.

“The threshold for satisfaction has gotten really low. Despite losing, these players will be superstars. They’ve been rewarded a lot more for a lot less, facile wins. On IPL wins, they have become superstars. If a player performs well in a bilateral series, he is given four contracts. They think that even if they lose the World Cup, nothing is lost. Life goes on,” Wassan said on ABP News.

The former India pacer believes that in spite of losing World Cups, the latest lot connected with players remain unaffected and therefore with regard to some of the entertainers, life will move on. Wassan claims the players currently have been rewarded far a great deal more for their achievements inside bilateral series, and and so even when they don’t carry out, it’s not the finish connected with the world.

“All this fame that surrounds an Indian cricketer should be categorised. You need to understand that a lot of this is due to fans and the media. That we praise them so much for trivial achievements in bilateral series, players feel they have achieved everything. We haven’t won one ICC tournament in 9 years. If you pick the top 15 cricket stars in the world, 10 will be Indians – be it in terms of endorsements, name or fame – but without anything. The trophy cabinet is empty at the end of the day,” Wassan included.

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